Welcome to Worldschooling Quest

Connecting Educators, Families & Nonprofits for Global Learning Adventures

Why Worldschooling Quest?

🌍 Let's learn, connect, and co-create a better world. Join us in an immersive global classroom without borders! 🌎

Our purpose: We connect educators and worldschooling families to collaborate on immersive intercultural opportunities that foster empathy, global citizenship, and create lifelong learning experiences. Worldschooling is the practice of using the world as your 'classroom', whether you are learning in a traditional or alternative educational setting.

Key Benefits

Our community is free for educators, families and non-profits. The benefits are pretty special, since they're designed by the community. We’re focused on the ways it will simplify your life, such eliminating the need to join and scour content in dozens of restrictive social media groups to find what you need.

Why you should join Worldschooling Quest:

1️⃣ Unlock a world of learning adventures: Search our database of learning materials, calendar of events, map of learning places, and share your own offerings too.

2️⃣ Make a difference, together: Find your tribe among passionate changemakers! Connect with like-minded global citizens who share your values and commitment to the UN SDGs. Collaborate on 'Empowerment Hub' projects that create real global impact and meaningful experiences.

3️⃣ Education without limits: Break free from the confines of traditional education. Join a supportive community that values diverse learning styles & backgrounds. Access exclusive discounts & opportunities, regardless of your educational setting, empowering you to create a customized learning journey that ignites curiosity & potential. 

If you're an edtech company wanting to facilitate social impact while accomplishing your corporate social responsibilities, please get in touch - [email protected].

When You Join Today

You’ll get access to Worldschooling Quest's:

🏫 Worldschools list including global online schools, flexischools, worldschooling hubs, museums, non-profit organizations open to opportunities, and more. 

💬 Worldschooling community chat forum to connect other community members to discuss or share ideas about worldschooling and immersive travels. It presents an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others, and could also spark inspiration for future travel destinations and educational strategies. 1:1 chats and threads are also available.

🗺 Global directory map with the ability to search by location, interests, and other criteria. This could lead to playdates, field trips, meetups, and other opportunities for socialization and support. There is also a ‘find members near me’ feature to ease the challenges of time zones and searching.

🔗 Connections, in-person and online, facilitated between classrooms and family groups to promote global understanding and adaptability. For example, expat parents can connect a local group to join social activities or a school could connect with a class in another country like ‘pen pals’ for ‘virtual field trips’.

📚 Resource library including helpful apps, websites, lesson plans, curriculum guides, teaching strategies, book recommendations, etc..

📅 Events calendar including meetups, worldschooling hub offerings, and field trips. Families can connect with other families to provide their children with opportunities for enrichment and socialization. 

🏡 Jobs and homes boards for promotion and exchanges between traveling families looking to begin or rejoin the nomadic lifestyle.

📊 Polls to spurn engagement and give feedback via a sociocratic, open manner.